The 2024 edition of Across the Sea put coastal and marine pollution at the center to combat a phenomenon that is still too often trivialized.


Programme 3rd June

Calata De Mari 1, Genoa
Galata, Museo del Mare

09.30/ 12.30

Introductory and initial socialisation activities

Lunch break of 1 hour and a half

15.00/ 18.00

Opening ceremony

Grammenos Mastrojeni (Union for the Mediterranean)

Environmental, economic and social sustainability

Valeria Sinisi (Friedrich Naumann Foundation)
Mediterranean dialogue project

Leonardo Gnisci (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation)
International cooperation in the Mediterranean region
Carola Chiusi (European Forest Institute)
The role of forest in building resilient Mediterrean landscapes

Laura Guercio (Heritage International Institute)
Protection of the Mediterrean: the role of the Heritage International Institute (ONLINE)

Programme 4th June

P.le Brignole E. 2, Genoa
Albergo dei Poveri, Aula 3

09.30/ 10.30

First seminar (scientific)

Francesco Avanzi (Cima Foundation) –
Climate change and the impact on the snow

Francesca Munerol e Lara Polo (Cima Foundation) –
Young people in adaptation and mitigation policies

Paola Tepsich e Francesca Grossi (Cima Foundation) –
The effects of climate change on the sea and mammals

30 min break

11.00/ 12.30

First working session

Lunch break of 1 hour and a half

14.00/ 16.00

Second working session

30 min break

16.30/ 18.00

Presentation session of local projects

Programme 5th June

P.le Brignole E. 2, Genoa
Albergo dei Poveri, Aula 3

09.30/ 10.30

Second seminar (industrial)

Enrico Paglia (UniGE) –
The importance of being Green… and its cost

Alessandro Panaro (Centro Studi SRM) –
The relationship between ports, shipping and sustainability: the new green models

Ruggero Poli (Mundys)
Building a sustainable finance will pave the way for the ecological transition (ONLINE)

30 min break

11.00/ 12.30

Third working session

Lunch break of 1 hour and a half

14.00/ 16.00

Fourth working session

30 min break

16.30/ 18.00

Fifth working session

Programme 6th June

Via Balbi 5, Genoa
Aula Magna

09.30/ 10.30

Third seminar (institutional)

Francesco Pierini (UniGE) –
Communication across cultures: trying to reduce barriers and encourage effective interaction

Mauro Spotorno (UniGE) –
Water, cultures and landscapes in the mediterranean world: permanence and fractures

Gianluigi Mastandrea Bonaviri (UniBo)
Multilateralism at the age of inescurity (ONLINE)

30 min break

11.00/ 13.00

Closing ceremony

Presentation of the project realised by young people in collaboration with the Cima Foundation

To do so, we expanded our network to 18 student associations, linked to local partners who developed real, concrete projects to talk about various aspects of this issue





Our delegations have trained to develop their local projects, which we will present in June in Genoa at our final conference. The event will strengthen our ties, discuss change possibilities, and draft a shared Mediterranean youth document